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Clonidine may potentiate the CNS-depressive effects of alcoholbarbiturates or other sedating drugsIf a patient receiving clonidine hydrochloride is also taking tricyclic antidepressantsthe hypotensive effect of clonidine may be reducednecessitating an increase in the clonidine doseIf a patient receiving clonidine is also taking neurolepticsorthostatic regulation disturbancese.gorthostatic hypotensiondizzinessfatiguemay be induced or exacerbated.

Tricyclic antidepressantsfor exampleamitriptylineElavilEndepimipramineTofranildesipramineNorpraminand clomipramineAnafranilcan block the blood pressure lowering effects of CatapresThis may cause blood pressure to rise.

Combining these drugs with clonidine may lower your blood pressure too muchThis raises your risk of passing outExamples of these drugs include:

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