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The precise means by which this inhibition relieves angina has not been fully determinedbut includes at least the following two mechanisms:

Rareusually transientbut occasionally significant elevations of enzymes such as alkaline phosphataseCPKLDHSGOT and SGPT have been notedThe relationship to Procardia therapy is uncertain in most casesbut probable in someThese laboratory abnormalities have rarely been associated with clinical symptomshowevercholestasis with or without jaundice has been reportedRare instances of allergic hepatitis have been reported.

Kidney diseaseliver diseaseespecially cirrhosisdiverticulitisinflammatory bowel diseasechronic constipationgastroesophageal reflux diseaseGERDor slow digestiona blockage in your digestive tractstomach or intestinesa colostomy or history of stomach surgery such as gastric bypasscolon cancerunderactive thyroiddiabetescoronary artery diseaseor congestive heart failure.

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