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I you tak phnytoin (Dilantin), tubculosis mdicin, a blood thinn (waain, Coumadin, Jantovn).

Along with its ndd cts, disuliam (th activ ingdint containd in Antabus) may caus som unwantd cts. Although not all ths sid cts may occu, i thy doccu thy may nd mdical attntion.

Antabus is a bidg btwn you twlivs. On th on hand, you hav th li that you know. It’s not what’s good you, but it’s what you know. On th oth hand, you hav th li that you want tgt to. doudoune canada goose It’s btt you, but you don’t know how tliv th. asics chaussures You don’t know how tlax, wad yousl, and clbat without using dugs alcohol. puma chaussure Antabus hlps you liv in that li long nough sthat you can dvlop nw habits and coping skills.

Bcaus th possibility an accidntal disuliam-alcohol action, disuliam should b usd with xtm caution in patints with any th ollowing conditions: diabts mllitus, hypothyoidism, pilpsy, cbal damag, chonic and acut nphitis, hpatic cihosis insuicincy.

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