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Levodopa alone, as well as sinemet cr, is associated with dyskinesias.

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General supportive measures should be employedalong with immediate gastric lavageIntravenous fluids should be administered judiciously and an adequate airway maintainedElectrocardiographic monitoring should be instituted and the patient carefully observed for the development of arrhythmiasif requiredappropriate antiarrhythmic therapy should be givenThe possibility that the patient may have taken other drugs as well as SINEMET should be taken into considerationTo dateno experience has been reported with dialysishenceits value in overdosage is not known.

Ataxiaextrapyramidal disorderfallinganxietygait abnormalitiesnervousnessdecreased mental acuitymemory impairmentdisorientationeuphoriablepharospasmwhich may be taken as an early sign of excess dosageconsideration of dosage reduction may be made at this timetrismusincreased tremornumbnessmuscle twitchingactivation of latent Horner’s syndromeperipheral neuropathy.

If you have not told your doctor about any of the abovetell them before you take any SINEMET.

The management of NMS should include1intensive symptomatic treatment and medical monitoring and 2treatment of any concomitant serious medical problems for which specific treatments are availableDopamine agonistssuch as bromocriptineand muscle relaxantssuch as dantroleneare often used in the treatment of NMShowevertheir effectiveness Trileptal for borderline personality disorder user reviews has not been demonstrated in controlled studies.

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